Pronunciation Guide

Based on the request of some readers I thought I would give a pronunciation guide to some of the names in my world.

First I should note that I am something of a phonetic speller (hence some of my editing problems), so some words like Gremselash and Kraymoor and Orin are more or less pronounced how they are spelled in American English.

Here are some I thought might be in question.  If you have any specific words in mind that I don’t cover below just drop me a note here or on facebook:

Syllay: Syl = Silver lay= lay

Halldor:  Hall = Hallowed  dor = door

Lakortia: the “tia” is pronounced  “Sha”

Eluvenoi:  Ee-loo-vin-oy

Dunad: doo-NOD

San Tokah:  San = Aunt (not the Ant pronunciation, the other longer one).  Tokah is To = Toe, and there is a slight breath at the end, hence the “h.”  That breath of an “h” sound is also found in the name “Hennah.”

For Fa’aley the apostrophe denotes a hard punch in the back of the throat before the vowel “a” in “aley” like you would say in the phrase “Fa’a-hunting we will go.”  That goes for all the apostrophes in the old tongue of the San Tokah, and other tribal words like Tokso’on, and ‘atherah.

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