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Below are links to two excerpts from the next book in the series titled The Rooftops or Lakortia.  If you have not read The Forest Between there may be some spoiler’s.

The first excerpt takes place on the single evening that acts as a fulcrum to the story.  I chose to follow the same structure as The Forest Between, where the four main characters meet at the pool by the creek on the night of Syllay’s escape.  Here, you may recognize Aaliyah from The Forest Between, she is back now as a major character.

You can read it here.  

 The second excerpt contains no spoilers at all.  After reading quite a few popular fantasy novels in the last few years, I grew frustrated with the perspective of war never being from the victim’s point of view.  I wanted to give perspective to the events that fantasy fiction often glosses over, exploits to titillate readers, or ignores outright.  To that end, I created for book two what I call “interludes.”  These are mini-chapters that focus on “normal” people on the periphery of the story who have suffered because of the epic events depicted in the rest of the story wherein which the powerful antagonists struggle against each other.

You can read it here.

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