by M. Eugene Weiss

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The Forest Between was a land of unchanging cycles. Predators stalked their prey; flowers bloomed and wilted; seasons turned. In the spring, the ten tribes would make war upon each other, and in the fall, they would make peace again. This was life for over a thousand years for the San Tokah, the most ancient tribe of this forest at the edge of the world. Protected by a remote geography, the ten tribes’ way of life is suddenly threatened by a grotesque evil. Syllay is a hunter-warrior of the San Tokah, one of the few women chosen for that honor. She must learn to trust the three men that chance has brought to her land: Collum, a great warrior and soldier from a decrepit land long in decline who is looking for a new place in the world; Orin, a thief from the desert-canyon city of Gremselash, and a survivor of the tangled slums that hang beneath that suspended city; and Halldor, a young Channeler of magic of extraordinary power whose search for his stolen memories have brought him to the Forest Between. Together they must unravel the mystery of this strange invasion and face the evil purpose of the Green Ones.

betsy cover image600dpi-page-0

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